Welcome to Prestige Automobile Pre-Owned Sri Lanka

The Prestige Automobile Pre-Owned Showroom allows BMW and MINI owners to sell or exchange their vehicles at market price, while ensuring that prospective Pre-Owned BMW and MINI owners enjoy the thrill of owning an engineering marvel, in its optimum condition, for the right price.

As a standard, Prestige Certified Pre-Owned BMWs and MINIs come with the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that Pre-Owned cars from Prestige Automobiles have not sacrificed quality or performance. Our certified in-house Pre-Owned Managers provide valuation for all BMW or MINI vehicle purchased on lease or hire purchase.

Selling your BMW or MINI

  • Authorisation
    Prestige Automobile Certified Pre-Owned purchases authorised BMW & MINI vehicles which have been imported and serviced by Prestige Automobile, and are less than 7 years.
  • Primary Inspection
    A complete optical and technical evaluation of the car is conducted by our BMW and MINI Certified Technicians to assess the condition of the vehicle.
  • Repair
    After inspection our Technical Workshop attends to any repairs that are required, restoring the vehicle to a condition which is on par with the original.
  • Sale
    We provide customers with an accurate valuation of their vehicle to ensure that they receive the full worth for their vehicle.

Buying a Prestige Certified
Pre-Owned BMW or MINI

  • Test Drive
    To ensure that your Pre-Owned BMW or MINI meets your requirement, take a test drive and experience the joy of driving a BMW or MINI before you purchase.

  • Final Inspection
    For complete peace of mind, the vehicle undergoes the final inspection and receives a comprehensive Technical Report to certify that the vehicle is ready for delivery.
  • Delivery
    The Prestige Certified Pre-Owned BMW or MINI is now delivered to the buyer.

  • Leasing
    As the sole authorised dealer for BMW and MINI vehicles in Sri Lanka, we can provide you with an accurate valuation of your Certified Pre-Owned BMW or MINI, completely free of charge.


Our Warranty

To ensure that your Pre-Owned BMW or MINI meets your requirement,
a test drive is organised to give you a first-hand feel of the vehicle
before you purchase.

Breakdown Service

All Pre-Owned BMW and MINI vehicles are covered by a 24-hour Breakdown Service.

Prestige Automobile Pre-Owned Sri Lanka

Our showroom services the current customer to sell or partially exchange his or her car with confidence and obtain the correct market price, whilst giving future customers the opportunity to purchase a Prestige Certified BMW or MINI with confidence from the distributor. All of our cars undergo a thorough 360-degree optical check and receive a Technical Inspection Report.

We guarantee that all the cars are imported through us and have been maintained by Prestige Automobile Pvt Ltd, with service history available on request. All Certified Pre-Owned vehicles also come with a 6-month warranty on engine & transmission repairs and a free service. When you buy your car from us, it is covered by 24-hour breakdown service. We also provide free agents valuation for all our vehicle purchases through us on lease/hire purchase.

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